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About Us | Faerie Habitats

About Us

believeStoryteller Janice Ryalls:

Janice’s communications with Spirit and the elemental kingdom in particular has been a true source of joy in her life and began back in June of 2004.  She joyfully shares some of these stories with you now in the hopes that they will bring you added insight and delight.
janice ryalls storyteller

Professionally Janice is the Executive Director for an assisted living community in Florida where she works with the elderly population.  She also loves working with dreams, is a Minister with the Brigade of Light, a Reiki Master/Teacher, and shamanic energetic Lightworker.  In one form or another, Janice has been led down a healing path for the last 30 years, sharing her gifts with others and continually opening to new insights on both a personal and professional level.

Janice’s wish for everyone is that you find a way to tap into your own inner joy and bring it forth into the world that is so in need of love and compassion.

About Bruce

Bruce is an artist at heart who has had a passion and flair for both cabinetry and Japanese design.  With a true appreciation for nature and its resources, he easily developed an eye for seeing intricate designs in a simple piece of wood…images he would capture, sand, polish, and preserve as pieces of art.

Then in 2012, Bruce’s imagination was inspired anew.  Intrigued by his wife’s interest and fascination for angels and faerie, he discovered the work of John Crawford and after completing a workshop in Oregon, Bruce has been able to tap even deeper into his intuition and creativity.  Connecting with nature in a new way, he learned how to form these beautiful, magical homes for faerie.

Each house is a unique, one-of-a-kind creation.   Though you may think they are for your children or grandchildren, don’t be surprised when they touch your own hearts with joy.  They have a way of bringing out the little child in all of us.   However, in keeping with the tradition and wisdom of John Crawford and Bridget Wolfe, we are but the custodians of thesBruce 2e wee houses; for truly they are gifts of gratitude to faerie, whose soul desire is to bring beauty, fragrance, healing, and joy to all of us on this wonderful planet.   May you see these creations through the eyes of a little child and may they return you to a time of laughter and innocence.

So if one of these beautiful faerie houses calls out to you, create a special place for it in your own home or outside in your garden.  Bruce is also more than happy to custom create a faerie house especially for you as well.  Just know that without a doubt they all will attract faeries into your world that are sure to bring you surprises and blessings galore!

bruce consults with Jazzy

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