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Dreams Do Come True | Faerie Habitats

Dreams Do Come True

dreamsLying on the floor of her little fairy home in the forest, Bella started to daydream. It was one of those lazy kind of days that are perfect for relaxing and letting the mind wander.  Have you ever had one of those days?  If you have, then you know how wonderful they are.  For Bella they are more than wonderful and what you need to know about this particular fairy is that daydreaming is her most favorite thing to do because she is a storyteller!  When she starts to daydream, those imaginings weave their way right into a new story filled with joy and wonder.   Then sharing these stories with anyone who wants to hear them is her second most favorite thing to do!

All the fairies of the forest know this and if they ever start to feel a bit out of sorts, they fly over to Bella’s and beg her to tell them a new story. It works every time for she can weave a tale like no other fairy they’ve ever known. Yes, time at Bella’s place is absolutely magical. When a fairy leaves Bella’s, they feel so good that they do flips all the way home, which is quite a funny sight to see if you ever get the opportunity!

Yes, Bella’s place is where it’s at. Why even her cottage seems to add magic to her tales. You never know what is going to happen when you enter that shiny green door. One time as Bella was deep into storytelling, the whole house started to shiver and shake as if it was laughing along with her guests. Bella had to touch the walls and tell them to take a deep breath and calm down so her guests could continue listening to her story without being shaken right out of their chairs! Slowly the house settled back down out of sheer politeness but every now and then the stones in the walls would start to whisper to one another as if they knew how the story was going to end. The little fairy guests would have to tell them to shush and not give away the ending! They’d try hard to keep quiet but Bella’s stories excited them too.

Now today as Bella was just on the verge of a new idea for her next story, something made her jump. Have you ever been so deep in thought that the slightest little thing makes you jump nearly out of your skin? Well that’s what happened to Bella. She was deep into a new daydream when all of a sudden a fuzzy little caterpillar fell right through her window! After recomposing herself, Bella flew over to the caterpillar to find out what was going on.

Well, the fat little caterpillar just laid there on the floor stunned. He looked around not knowing where he was. What kind of place was this? He’d just finished a big meal of juicy milkweed leaves and was feeling kind of sleepy when he’d lost his grip. Feeling himself starting to fall, he’d lurched forward and ended up catapulting himself right through the window of Bella’s house! No one was more surprised than he, however. He’d landed with a thud so hard it had knocked the wind right out of his lungs. When he finally was able to take a breath and look around, he could hardly believe his eyes. Right there fluttering just above his head was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen and it had the most amazing gossamer wings! He was so stunned he didn’t know what to say. He just laid there looking up at her.

This was such a strange sight that it made Bella laugh out loud. She’d had guests suddenly show up before but never quite like this! From his expression she realized that the caterpillar had never seen a fairy before and didn’t quite know what to make of her. So telling him not to be afraid, she introduced herself to him. “Hello dear one!” she said.  “I’m Bella, the storytelling fairy of the forest.  Welcome to my home.”  Then she sat quietly in a chair til he could make more sense of it all.

Finally the caterpillar realized that he was safe and nothing bad was going to happen to him. Rolling onto his belly, he lifted his head and apologized for his sudden intrusion. “Forgive me”, he said. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Terrance the Caterpillar.” He hesitated a moment, then added, “ Would you mind if I asked you something?”

“Of course not.” replied Bella. She was actually quite curious to know what he might be thinking.  “Well, I don’t know much about fairies but how did you get such beautiful wings?” Terrance asked. “I can’t take my eyes off of them. I’ve always wished I had wings and sometimes I’ve even dreamed that I did! I dreamed one time that I was flying high above the milkweed. But that’s silly isn’t it? I’ll never be able to fly. I’m just a caterpillar.”

“Hmmmmm.” said Bella. “Let me tell you a little story.” And at that, Bella told him how caterpillars were amazing creatures and had these magical “imaginal” cells inside them. These imaginal cells could actually turn them into butterflies. “And that’s why you’ve dreamed you had wings and could fly because someday you will!” Bella explained.

Terrance didn’t know what to think. It all sounded absolutely preposterous! How could he turn into a butterfly? Well, it certainly made for a good story, he had to admit. Imaginal cells indeed! Yes, she really was a good storyteller. She made him feel that it might even be possible but that was ridiculous, wasn’t it?

Terrance thanked her and then after a moment, he asked her for a big favor! “I need to be going and I know we just met, but I am feeling so awfully tired. Do you suppose you could use your beautiful wings to fly me over to that nearby tree? Then I could see how it really feels to fly!”

Bella had never given a caterpillar a ride before. This would be fun! Bending down she let Terrance crawl up onto her back. With a flutter of her wings, she flew him out the same window he’d so awkwardly come in by. Flying him over to the Elder tree above her rooftop she landed and allowed Terrance to crawl onto a branch. He was exhilarated! Wow, he’d actually gotten to fly today almost like in his dreams! As he watched Bella fly off, he vowed never to forget her kindness…she had just made his dream come true. But now his tiredness overcame him.

Without realizing what he was doing, he started to make himself a nice little cozy place to sleep. He started to spin a beautiful cocoon for himself. He’d never done that before but he was too tired to wonder about it. It just seemed to come naturally. When he was done, he drifted off into a very deep sleep. He’d thank her again in the morning he thought to himself.

Bella watched Terrance from her window. She could see the beautiful cocoon he’d made for himself. It made her smile. He hadn’t believed her story but it didn’t matter. His wish was about to come true. She would wait and watch now. The next time she’d see him, he would have the wings he’d always dreamed about.  Maybe he would give her a ride then! She hoped he’d remember her.

Ahhh!  All of a sudden Bella realized she had her new story! This was it! She would tell everyone about the sweet little caterpillar who had a dream. Then she’d tell each of them that we all have dreams and even if you can’t imagine your dreams coming true, sometimes it’s more about your dreams believing in you!   With that, she felt a peacefulness come over her.  Thinking out loud, she said “It’s so true!  Our deepest dreams have a life of their own.”  As she said this, the walls of her fairy cottage gave a soft sigh. “Yes”, they agreed.  “They certainly do.”

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