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Gaelicapri and the Full Moon Festival | Faerie Habitats

Gaelicapri and the Full Moon Festival

fullmoon faerieThe light of the full moon shone brightly on the roof of a tiny house nestled deep in a glen. The house had a glimmer about it as if it radiated a soft bluish glow. It was tucked in so well, however, that unless you were intentionally searching for it, you would probably walk right on by without ever seeing it!

Such is the way of faerie houses and this was a wondrous faerie house indeed for it was the home of Gaelicapri, a beautiful faerie of the glen. She loved that it was made of stone and vines with twigs twined together for her door. The beautiful crescent shaped window above allowed the morning sun and evening moonlight to brighten up the inside of her wondrous home too. Tonight was especially bright as the full moon rose to take position above the glen.

Gaelicapri could sense excitement in the air. Even the stars were excited tonight. Cascades of stardust seemed to flicker in the sky above. Some of it fell and landed right on her purple roof! It was as though the stars were winking at Gaelicapri and asking, “Are you ready?” For this was festival night and all the faeries of the little glen would be gathering under the full moon in celebration.

Gaelicapri, or Gaela for short, put on her best faerie dress and twirled and twirled til the faerie dust shimmered in her amazing turquoise colored hair. Slippers that matched the color of her hair adorned her tiny feet. She usually preferred to go barefoot but tonight she was going to dance!

Gaela knew it was now time to get to the festival. She flew out the window…doors were for more earthy guests. She preferred using windows instead. Swiftly she zoomed across the misty glen. It really only took her a moment in faerie time because faeries know how to find special portals that take them anywhere they want to go in the blink of an eye.

Simultaneously all the faeries of the glen arrived together in their magical gathering place deep in the woods. Even the trees were excited. They could feel the faerie energy coursing through their branches as they approached. It made the leaves shine in amazing iridescent colors! Squirrels, birds, and other woodland creatures could feel the energy too and gathered around with great anticipation at what was about to happen.

And what happened next was the most amazing thing! All the faeries joined hands. They started to move together as one…first to the left and then to the right rising higher and higher til they were midway up the trees. The dance had begun!

One by one the faeries would enter the center of the ring and dance like they had never danced before. Faeries have great moves, you know, and it is very contagious. Music seemingly came out of nowhere and everywhere. Even the stones poked their heads out of the mossy ground and started to vibrate in joy, creating a very low but harmonizing hum. Winged insects joined in too making a variety of higher pitched sounds. The birds carried the melody, swooping above and below the faeries as they danced. Everyone felt the joy and joined in the festival. It was as if they were all synchronizing their gifts in the most amazing ways ever. Pure bliss spread throughout the glen. Even the stars, not wanting to be left out, sent down a heavenly sound, like wind chimes in the breeze.

The faeries continued to dance and dance and now it was Gaelicapri’s turn to take center stage. She didn’t even hesitate. Flying into the center of the circle, she started to twirl like a graceful ballerina in glittery slippers. Her hair spun out in all directions around her beautiful face as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Gaela reached her hands upwards as her arms glistened in the full moon. Faster and faster she twirled til all you could see was a spinning ball of turquoise light.

Then she suddenly stopped and hovered, poised in mid-air. It was the signal. Nodding their heads at one another, the fairies turned and took off in all directions. Glittering trails of light followed behind them in the still night. One by one they traveled to each little home in the glen.

Gaela peered into the window of one sweet family. Mother and Father were snuggled in front of a fire. Their little ones were tucked into bed. Quietly she zoomed inside. The firelight sparked and crackled, acknowledging her presence. Flying from room to room Gaela touched each and every one with her faerie dust. In the morning they would all wonder where the glitter on their hair and faces had come from! It was one of those mysteries they never quite figured out.

Once all the families of the glen had been kissed by the fairies, they returned to the circle in the woods. A ring of bright orange mushrooms had popped up in their absence, adding to the beauty and the magic. Holding hands once again the fairies now hovered in silent thanksgiving. The trees, the birds, and the creatures of the glen joined them. They were all thankful…thankful to be a part of this beautiful glen and grateful that they were able to play such an important part in God’s plan. They knew that no matter how big or small, every part of creation is important.

Returning now to her own little home, Gaelicapri snuggled into bed. Closing her eyes she was at peace. She knew that no matter what, all would be well in her glen that night. And so it was.

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