Neptune Haven


Written by Janice & Her Faerie Friends

Neptune Haven was hidden amongst a patch of Sea Oats at Faeriewild Beach.  It was the masterpiece handiwork of two bright and cheery faeries, Seaella and Nim.  They’d been fast friends ever since they discovered they both had a love for the sea and sand.  In fact, their most favorite things in the whole wide world were just about anything the tides washed ashore…empty sea urchin shells, bits of coral, discarded shells from hermit crabs, starfish.  Together they’d collected all these treasures and embedded them into the walls of their seashore cottage.  Even some very cool barnacle covered pieces of driftwood were made into beams that stuck out beneath the corners of their roof.  It was the topic of conversation amongst all beachcombing faeries!

Carefully Nim and Seaella had chosen just the right spot for its location too…far enough away from the ocean’s edge so that it wouldn’t float away in the outgoing tides but close enough that they could awaken every morning to the sun coming up over the ocean’s horizon.  Yes, Neptune Haven was their dream cottage and every now and then the woodland faeries would take a vacation there, spending time with them at the beach.  Of course being the excellent hosts that they were, Nim and Seaella always made sure their faerie guests left with little bags of seashells and feathers from the seabirds that strutted up and down the sandy shore.  The woodland faeries always brought them something special too….acorns, walnut shells and pretty stones you could only find in the different places they called home.  Sharing treasures back and forth was such fun.

And so it was one bright and sunny morning that Nim and Seaella noticed two new faerie guests sitting outside their cottage.  Well now, they weren’t exactly faeries, mind you.  They had unusual wings and instead of legs, they had luminescent tails like fish or dolphins.  Believe it or not, they were merfaeries!   Now merfaeries usually keep to themselves so they’d never seen one up close.  So imagine their surprise and utter delight as they realized two of them were right on their very doorstep!  Seaella could hardly contain her excitement.  Wait til she told their woodland friends. They’d never believe it!

After getting over the surprise, Nim opened the door and invited them in.  Seaella ushered them over to the table and offered them cups of seaweed tea with a touch of lemongrass.   It was a tea she always saved for special occasions and she couldn’t think of one more special than this!  Nim was excited too but tried to maintain his faerie composure.  He was honored that they had come for a visit!

Now one of the merfaeries introduced himself.   He had shoulder length hair that seemed to change color when he turned his head.  Zantor was his name and his companion was Selena.  She had long locks of hair the color of midnight blue that fell all the way to her waist.  She was sipping her tea and savoring it.  “This is quite extraordinary tea.” she said.   “Actually, seaweed tea is one of my very favorites but I’ve never tasted lemongrass before. What a delightful combination!”   Seaella explained that the lemongrass had been a gift from some special faeries that lived up North.  Then she asked the merfaeries where they lived.

Zantor explained that they lived deep within the sea but also had cousins who lived on the shore.  So they would come and visit the shores frequently. Then Zantor explained how they happened to come by Neptune Haven.   Both he and Selena were good friends of the dolphins and loved to follow them up and down the coastline looking for conch shells that they would take back for merfaerie ceremonies.  He told them how yesterday the dolphins had led them to Faeriewild Beach.  While they were there, they had run into a very chatty sea turtle who insisted they needed to check out this place called Neptune Haven.  The sea turtle told them that there were two delightful faeries who had created their very own home out of unique and wonderful sea treasures.

So out of great curiosity, Selena and Zantor had decided to check it out and here they were.  They certainly hoped they weren’t intruding.  “Intruding!  Oh my no!” said Seaella who was still so excited she could barely speak.  There was a question, however, that Seaella just had to ask her guests.   Ever since they’d arrived, she couldn’t stop looking at their guests’ beautiful and entrancing wings.  They were very different from any she’d ever seen before.  So out of total curiosity, she asked about them.  “My wings don’t like the saltwater so I’ve often wondered about merfaerie wings.”  Selena turned so Seaella could get a closer look.   “Go ahead. You can touch them.” she said.   Seaella reached out to touch the beautiful wings and noticed that they were just a wee bit thicker than her own. Her wings were light and airy, almost disappearing in the sunlight.   But Selena’s had an iridescence about them that matched the scales on her tail.   “Beautiful” she said.  “Simply beautiful.  So you really can swim underwater with your wings then?”  “Absolutely.” answered Selena.  “Water doesn’t hurt our wings at all.  They’re totally waterproof!   And our tails allow us to swim as fast as the dolphins swim.  If we get tired, we just catch a ride on their fins, which is another amazing experience, especially when they decide to leap into the air!”  Zantor jumped into the conversation at this point. “The first time Selena ever rode a dolphin, it jumped high into the air, catching her off guard . She let out a shriek so loud that it made a nearby surfer fall off his board!”  Seaella and Nim laughed trying to imagine how that must have looked.  The four of them then continued to sip their tea, sharing more stories that lasted well into the afternoon.

Finally it was time for Selena and Zantor to return to their dolphin friends.   As was their custom, Seaella and Nim wanted to send them home with something from the beach, but merfaeries must already have plenty of seashells back home.  So tying up some lemongrass, she handed it to Selena.  Placing it gratefully in a beautiful watertight bag around her neck, Selena thanked her.  Then she reached into her bag and pulled out a pearl, handing it to Seaella.   It was a pearl she’d found at the bottom of the sea.  Seaella had never seen anything so beautiful and gasped in delight.  What an extraordinary day this had been.

Vowing to come again, Zantor and Selena turned back towards the sea.  Their dolphin friends were circling as if to say it’s time to move on.  “I’m so glad we ran into that silly old sea turtle.  We’d never have met you if we hadn’t.  And we’d never have seen your beautiful seashell home, Neptune Haven  either.   Wait til we tell our merfaerie friends.  They won’t believe it!”  With that they flew back out over the surf to rejoin the dolphins.  The dolphins jumped several times and even did a couple of flips, showing off for Zantor and Selena’s new friends.

How wonderful they all thought.  Life was certainly full of exciting surprises.  One never knows when a new friend might be just around the corner, or perhaps beyond the next wave.

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