Hello and welcome to our site. Thank you for visiting Faerie Habitats online. If you are looking for that special  structure for the faerie in your garden, then you have come to the right place. Each Faerie Habitat is hand made by master craftsman Bruce Ryalls. Each fairy house comes with a special fairytale by Storyteller Janice Ryalls.

Each home has been created through inspired design and using natural elements. Check out the homes we have for sale, or contact Bruce about making a one of kind fairy house for your garden.

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Neptune Haven

NEPTUNE  HAVEN & A VISIT FROM THE MERFAERIES Written by Janice & Her Faerie Friends Neptune Haven was hidden amongst a patch of Sea Oats at Faeriewild Beach.  It was the masterpiece handiwork of two bright and cheery faeries, Seaella and Nim.  They’d been fast...Read More
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