Silverstone the Hawk and Susan La Fae


Once upon a real time there lived an adorable faerie named Susan La Fae. She loved to dance among the violets, the buttercups, and the pansies. She knew all the faeries for miles and miles around and would paint their portraits in a way that would capture their very essence, their inner glow and their joy. They loved her and every time a new faerie was born, Susan was right there to bless them as they flew through the ethers for the very first time.

Susan La Fae also loved to play with the butterflies, the dragonflies, and all the birds. Cardinals and hummingbirds followed her wherever she went and the butterflies loved to give her rides from hither to yon. When she rode upon their backs, their flight was easier. They could fly faster and farther. In fact they never had to struggle against the wind because Susan’s faerie dust made them fly like the wind itself!

Springtime was Susan’s favorite time of year. While all the other faeries were dusting seeds and encouraging sprouts to pop up from under the leaves, Susan was looking for birds’ eggs. She would find a nest, bless the parents, and shower silver and gold faerie dust over the soon-to-be newborns. She especially guarded over the eggs of a particular goose family. They had an understanding as their eggs would be quite a prize to all sorts of predators like those rascal raccoons, who sniffed around looking for breakfast.

So Susan would do ceremony over the geese’s nest. She flew in circles round and around, spinning a cocoon of sorts made out of the ethers, woven with her silver and gold faerie dust. It became impenetrable to any and all thieves who would come looking for disruption.
Also each year as the eggs grew to maturity, little Susan La Fae was there to watch with the parents as they pecked their way out of their eggshells. It was a moment of big celebration as the sweet goslings got their first glimpse of Mama and Daddy Goose and that sparkling creature, their Faerie Godmother! Yes, spring was Susan’s favorite time of year…when love’s creation gave birth.

Year after year Susan played, nurtured, and protected her fellow winged creatures. Whenever she discovered a human who had exceptional talents for carving her winged friends, she would visit them on a weekly basis, whispering inspirations into their ears. They never saw her but every time she visited, they felt a strong urge to tweak their creations. Susan would laugh for joy at the completion of each new carving and dance and dance over them until they became magical indeed.

At night when the carvers were asleep, their creations awoke and would fly out the windows with Susan on grand adventures, returning at sunrise to sit still as the pieces of wood they were supposed to be. No human was ever the wiser except that the carvers could never quite figure out who kept moving them from shelf to shelf. They’d sworn they’d placed them in the window or on a shelf by the fireplace in just a certain position but darned if every morning they weren’t turned in just a little different way. This gave Susan great delight and she would chuckle so hard at the carvers’ perplexities that sometimes they would start sneezing out of control for all the faerie dust flowing!

Yes, Susan was a happy faerie. Over the years she developed quite a name for herself too. One day a hawk named Silverstone arrived on Susan’s doorstep with a great thud. The earth shuddered as he landed and woke Susan up from a big dream. Silverstone had been watching Susan and now he had a great mission to propose to her. He was different than most hawks. He had been raised by his Great Grandmother who was a mystic hawk. She saw something special in Silverstone and taught him to become a great messenger like so many of his ancestors before him. An awakening was occurring and he was to be a big part of it. More and more of the humans who lived here had started to look to Spirit for guidance. Frequently it was a hawk that carried messages to those who had the ability to look beyond the norm. So Silverstone would make appearances to humans that needed hope or encouragement, strength or courage. Now he wanted Susan to be his partner in helping them to connect to receive these messages. Her ability to inspire others could really help him. So here he was, standing outside her doorway with great anticipation.

Peeking out the window now to see what had happened to wake her so suddenly from her dream, Susan was amazed to see this great hawk sitting quietly before her doorstep. Gathering her wits about her, she opened the door and stepped out the portal of her doorway. They stared at each other for several long moments. Words were not necessary. They were instantly attuned to one another and so it was agreed upon that Silverstone and Susan La Fae would become partners. This was a dream come true for Susan…to make a difference in the world had always been her dream….to encourage and inspire others was deeply rooted in her faerie soul. So yes, she gave Silverstone a deep bow and nodded her head. “Let’s do it. Let’s not waste another minute.” So off they flew and the amazing partnership began.

Now each day became a new adventure. Silverstone the Hawk would land on a tree branch or a fence or a well placed boulder close to where a human would be sitting or soon be arriving. Patiently Silverstone would sit. Susan La Fae would fly between the hawk and the human who needed a message of hope, encouragement, wisdom, or maybe just affirmation that they were following the right path. Back and forth between hawk and human she would weave her faerie dust until the eyes of the human would spot the eyes of the hawk. There was always a moment where the human would suddenly see the hawk and gasp! That’s when Susan worked her magic. In that first indrawn breath of surprise the message would be planted in their soul. Though the message was not always immediately understood, the humans knew instantly that Spirit was with them and would always be there for them.

As the months and years flew by, there developed a deeper and deeper awakening of Spirit upon the land. Amongst all of Creation, Susan La Fae and Silverstone were but one team amongst many, many such teams that existed elsewhere in every corner of the planet with the hope that one day all would come to realize that Creation is a gift and each part of Creation is a miracle indeed. Everything matters. Humans matter. Each bird that sings matters. Each butterfly that flies with the wind matters. Each gosling that follows its path matters, and we all can live together on this great planet we call home as one.

So if you, too, choose to make a difference in this wonderful world we call home, then listen to Spirit, bow deeply in agreement, and with a nod of your head, go forth with courage and joy. Spirit will be your guide. All you have to do is listen and follow. Then don’t be surprised if one day you get a visit from Silverstone the Hawk and Susan La Fae. You’ll know you’re on the right path if you do!

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  1. Such inspiring stories filled with joy and light! I love this collection of faerie tales. :)



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