Tanzy’s Message In the Sand

happyTanzy opened the door of her quaint little beach hut and sat down on the piece of driftwood that was her front porch.  She had actually spotted this piece of driftwood after a big storm and with great patience, had nudged and dragged it all the way home.  For a little faerie, this took a lot of perseverance but when she pushed it up to her front doorstep, she knew it was perfect!  It was the finishing touch to the special beach hut she had created for herself.  Everything about it was made from things she had collected along the beach.  It made her feel like she was actually a part of the sea and sand that she loved so much.

Now sitting there quietly, Tanzy took a deep breath.  The salty air and warm breeze filled her with a sense of joy and peace.  Living by the ocean was so divine.  She couldn’t imagine a more perfect spot to call home.  Swinging her legs off the edge of her porch, she looked out over the horizon.  She could see that the ocean waves were starting to build up higher and higher.  That meant the surfers would be out today hanging 10!  That’s what surfers call it when they stand up on their boards, and hang all ten toes over the edge.  Tanzy really enjoyed watching them and she could tell that this was going to be one of those days where they’d all be lined up along the ocean swells, waiting for that perfect ride.

Seagulls flew overhead right then, calling out to her…. “Come and play!”    Scrambling to her feet, Tanzy answered their call.  “Ok, here I come!” she said.  Flying upwards she quickly joined her seagull friends.  Together they soared above the ocean waves while she laughed and performed the most amazing spinning maneuvers.  The seagulls had some expert moves of their own as well.  Back and forth they flew til finally it was time to take a rest.  The gulls soared downward effortlessly, landing smoothly on the beach.  Tanzy decided to come to rest on top of her favorite lifeguard’s station.

Joey, the lifeguard, wasn’t on duty yet.  He’d be arriving any minute, though, so Tanzy decided she’d stay and wait for him.  When he’d arrive, she would perch on his shoulder just like she did on many other occasions.   He had no idea she was there as she was invisible to his human eyes but sometimes his shoulder would start to tingle from her energy and he would swing one of his big hands up to scratch it.  She had to be quick in those moments to move out of his way!

Joey and Tanzy made a wonderful team even though Joey thought he was on station by himself.  Together they would watch out for the safety of all the beach lovers who came out to swim, surf, or just play in the sand and waves.  She noticed that Joey had a passion for helping others and took his job very seriously.  His eyes roamed back and forth over the beach as he watched for any signs of danger.  He’d call out when a swimmer started to get too far out from shore where they might get caught in an undertow.  He especially loved to watch out for the little ones who had no fear of the incoming waves.  If their parents got distracted, it only took a moment for a big wave to roll up on shore and cause them to tumble.  A quick call out to the parents would help them quickly refocus their attention so they could scoop their little ones up out of the surf.

Tanzy kept watch too.  She had come to know all of the regulars who came to the beach.  There was Laurie who walked her cute little dog, Jackie who jogged along the beach for her daily exercise, Priscilla who collected seashells for craft projects, Darryl who rode his beach cruiser, and Lance who brought his surfboard out to catch the waves on days like today.  These were her favorites and when she saw them, she’d fly over and sprinkle a little of her sparkling fairy dust over the tops of their heads to give them a little extra boost of happiness and joy.  If Lance was having a hard time catching a wave, she would zoom over and sit lookout on the edge of his board.  Spotting the next perfect wave, she would fly up and whisper in his ear… “This is it!”  He’d perk up and together they would catch that wave, riding it all the way into shore.  She loved riding the waves with Lance, sharing his excitement for the beauty and power of the ocean.  They were kindred spirits!

Tanzy also loved to help people who were on the beach for the first time.  Sometimes she spotted someone who was afraid to get in the water.  So she would place a few well intentioned seashells right in front of them, creating a trail that led right to the ocean’s edge.  Their eyes would spot the seashells with delight, and they’d bend over to collect them one by one.  Tanzy always saved the best seashell for last because she knew they wouldn’t be able to resist getting in the water to grab it up.  Once they realized that the ocean was full of amazing treasures, it wasn’t long before they were diving in, having a great time.

Today Tanzy’s eyes moved back and forth along the beach as she sat atop the lifeguard’s station waiting for Joey.  Within a few short minutes, she spotted two women making their way along the beach.  They were having a very serious conversation, looking as though the weight of the world was on their shoulders.  Recognizing it as an opportunity to be of service, she said a little prayer and flew over to them.

One of the ladies wore a hat with a big floppy brim to keep the sun out of her eyes.  The other had long, thick sable colored hair pulled back into a ponytail.  Tanzy perched on top of the floppy hat so she could find out what was troubling them.    Maybe she could make a difference somehow and help lighten their load.

As Tanzy listened, she started to understand.  The woman with the ponytail felt sad and discouraged. It seemed every time things started to go well for her, something else would go wrong!  She just couldn’t figure out how to find peace in her life.  The woman in the floppy hat tried to encourage her friend.  She explained that it was important not to let circumstances of everyday life control how we feel about life…that even on our worst days, we could rise above it and choose to be happy.  She had to agree, however, that it was easier said than done.  The woman with the ponytail also agreed but continued to wear a sad face.

Hmmmm, thought Tanzy.  Floppy Hat is right.  She’d seen people in the worst of situations come to the beach, smell the ocean air, close their eyes, and smile.  They had made a choice to be happy no matter what and figured out how to do it.  How could she reinforce that message so they would never forget?

Suddenly an inspiration came to Tanzy.  Flying ahead of the two ladies, she found a smooth spot in the sand.  Pulling out her faerie wand, she traced the letters of two important words so big that they couldn’t be missed.  Then she hovered in place waiting.  Moments later the women approached, still deep in conversation.  All of a sudden they stopped and simultaneously pointed to the message in the sand.  The message said BE HAPPY.  The two looked at each other in complete amazement.  “We just said that!” cried Floppy Hat.  Was this a coincidence?   Though they did not believe in coincidences, they did believe in “God-incidences”.  Someone else must have been pondering the same thing this very day and it was meant to be for them to see that person’s writing in the sand.   Excitedly, they continued to walk on down the beach, talking about how amazing it was.  A few minutes later it was time to turn around and return.  Looking to find the message again, they kept their eyes on the sand.

Tanzy, however, wanted to make this experience one they would never forget.  Taking out her wand one more time, she waved it over the letters until they completely disappeared from sight.  The two women approached the spot where moments before the message had been written in bold letters.  Looking and looking, the two searched for the message.  It was nowhere to be found.  How can that be they wondered?  There weren’t any children on the beach who might have erased it.  The tide wasn’t coming up this far to have washed it away.

That’s when they knew.   Somehow the struggles they had felt that day had been acknowledged.  This message had been given to them as a gift when they needed it the most.  How it had appeared and disappeared was beyond their understanding but one thing was certain.  It had been written for them.  How could they doubt it now?  Be Happy.  Yes, it is a choice.  Now it was written in their hearts.

The two ladies finished their walk in peaceful silence.  They would always remember this special day and the gift in the sand.  Watching them disappear down the beach, Tanzy noticed their footsteps were much lighter and they had smiles on their faces that weren’t there before.  That was when Tanzy realized she really had made a difference today, but she also knew where her inspiration had come from.  It always came from Above.  All she had to do was be open, listen with her heart, and follow the guidance that she heard within.

So now quietly offering up a prayer of thanksgiving, Tanzy flew back to the lifeguard’s station.  Joey had arrived in her absence and was watching everyone on the beach with his binoculars, making sure they were all safe and sound.  She knew that he too was inspired to make a difference.  Landing on his shoulder, Tanzy pulled out her wand.  Faerie dust flew every which way.  Joey turned his head, sensing someone had just tapped him on the shoulder.  Not seeing anyone there, he shrugged his shoulders and for some unknown reason he smiled. He was happy.  Tanzy giggled and swung her feet back and forth deciding that, yes, it was indeed a very good day to be happy!

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