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The Firework Faeries | Faerie Habitats

The Firework Faeries

Laughter like the sound of tinkling bells rang out from within a little faerie house that was nestled secretly in a garden of daisies. Butterflies were always attracted to the little garden and one fluttered down now to see what all the commotion was about. A curious little lizard had also heard the laughter and quietly snuck up to one of the windows, peering inside. What she saw was quite impressive and absolutely mesmerizing! Brightly colored orbs of light were going off like tiny fireworks right inside the house! Imagine that! Pop! Boom! Pop, Pop! It was as if there was a very special occasion happening right here in the middle of this wee little patch of daisies.

All of a sudden a tiny little face appeared at the open doorway. It was Prill, a beautiful little faerie who’d come to the door as if to say “I know you’re out there. Come on in and join in the fun!”

The butterfly, whose name by the way was Zesty, was curious now too. She timidly flew closer, landing gracefully on a tree branch that was bent close to the brightly colored door. Lizzie scurried up to the top of the roof and stretched her head over the edge so she could see through the crescent-shaped window on the side of the house. The invitation to come inside was tempting indeed. But now another little face appeared. It was Tina, Prill’s best friend. Catching the glance of the little lizard, Tina zoomed through the crescent-shaped window, landing right on Lizzie’s nose. It startled Lizzie so much that she nearly fell off the roof. Tina started to laugh at the sight of the lizard trying to maintain its balance and dignity. Her laughter sent faerie dust flying everywhere. Lizzie let out a big huge sneeze! Where did all that glitter in the air come from? “Ha!” said the little faerie. “Prill, you’re right! We really do have some new guests! Perfect timing.”

Prill came zooming out the door and swirled high into the air. She laughed and twirled, giving Zesty and Lizzie quite a show with her fancy maneuvers. Lights continued to flash and sparkle inside the house and all over the rooftop causing Lizzie to jump to the ground. Prill hovered in mid air and then explained that faerie fireworks were their specialty. They’d been working on some new displays to surprise all their faerie friends during the New Moon when the sky was the darkest and the stars were allowed to shine their most brilliantly. It would give them the perfect backdrop for their newest fireworks show. Once they’d worked out all the kinks, it would be Game On! Everyone would ooh and ahh, which was just the exact reaction Prill and Tina were looking forward to. Just the thought of it made them giggle in delight. So here now they had two unexpected guests who could give them an unbiased opinion.

“So what do you think so far?” Tina asked. “Do you like our fireworks?” Zesty had to agree it was absolutely amazing and Lizzie just kept blinking her eyes in surprise and wonder. “More! More!” they both said in unison. So Prill and Tina put their little heads together. “OK! Close your eyes you two.” Lizzie and Zesty expectantly closed their eyes.

The two little faeries went to work. Time to try out their grand finale. As fast as the speed of light, they zoomed up. Then they zoomed down. They made one last swoop from left to right before calling out to their new friends. “OK. You can open your eyes now!”

Lizzie and Zesty opened their eyes and gasped! The little faerie house was now floating high above the treetops, totally encapsulated in a beautiful neon rainbow. Flashes of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet were shooting out of the open windows sending beams of glimmering light high into the sky above. Trailing off into the distance they looked like the remnants of shooting stars from faraway galaxies. Then Tina and Prill pointed their faerie wands skyward. A sparkling and brilliant shaft of white light suddenly appeared. It poured down upon their guests as if the heavens themselves were opening up and giving them all a great blessing. Wow! Lizzie and Zesty tried to take it all in but were speechless to describe what they were experiencing.

Prill and Tina laughed. This was exactly the reaction they had hoped for. Then they paused and looked intently at their two sweet visitors. Finally Prill spoke. “The reason we do this is to let everyone know that there is so much beauty everywhere every day. Even when you’re feeling blue and think the sky is grey, know that a rainbow is waiting for you right around the corner. We’re here to remind you that no cloud is so dark that it cannot be penetrated by the Light and with the Light, there is always the gift of hope filled with love and joy for you and for everyone.”

Lizzie and Zesty sighed simultaneously. Ahh… they would always remember this moment. Lizzie thanked them for sharing their gifts with them. How lucky it was that they had happened upon the little patch of daisies today.

“Oh, you’re welcome.” said Tina. “We’ll keep the fireworks going. That’s what we do. And we always love having visitors. Sometimes we even make surprise visits to other people’s gardens. You never know what we’ll be up to next!” And with that, Tina and Prill zoomed back into their beautiful little faerie house that had settled back into the middle of the daisy patch again, dusting their guests with one last spray of faerie dust.

Now for all of you who are reading or listening to this story, don’t be surprised if you see a flash of color that seems to come out of nowhere, or circles of bright light flashing in the dark like tiny fireworks. Maybe you’ll even be lucky enough to see a spray of rainbow sparkles dusting your garden flowers! If you do, you can just about bet that the firework faeries have come to visit you. Better yet, on the next New Moon, invite them to come and bring you some faerie firework magic! You might even hear them giggling in the distance like the sound of tinkling bells. Yes indeed, so don’t be surprised…

copyright 2014

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  1. What a fun story! I want the fireworks faeries to visit my garden!

  2. They are a fun bunch of faeries…roudy as can be!!! Lovely story.

    • Delighted that you are enjoying them as much as they enjoy entertaining you!!! :)


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