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The Mission At Faerie Pass | Faerie Habitats

The Mission At Faerie Pass

High upon a beautiful mountain range is a place called Faerie Pass. The faeries will tell you that a pass is a road that takes you from one side of a mountain to the other and that their favorite spot along any pass is when you reach “betwixt and between”.

If you know nothing about faeries at all, then the one thing you need to learn is that betwixt and betweens are faeries’ absolute, without a doubt, *most favorite places to be!

So on Faerie Pass, betwixt and between is right at that point where you stop going up the mountain and you’re about to go back down. You’re at the very top of the pass, which of course is slap dab in the middle. Here is where the faeries encourage you to stop and spend a moment to enjoy the breathtaking view!

Now the faeries wanted me to tell you a little magic trick!

They know you are at home reading this story but they say you can still tap into the magic of Betwixt and Between by just closing your eyes for a moment. So here’s what they want you to do. Imagine that you are there on top of Faerie Pass, looking out over the mountains to the valleys far below. Without a doubt you are about to be surrounded by hundreds of faeries just as if you were really there…..for you truly are when you use your imagination. It doesn’t matter whether you can see the faeries or not! So now sit very, very still. Being on the top of Faerie Pass is like having climbed to the edge of heaven. For the view from the top will absolutely take your breath away. It is as if the whole busy world down below is forgotten and you feel so close to heaven that you can almost touch it. In fact, if you reach your hands up to the sky, don’t be surprised if they start to tingle and sometimes the clouds will come so close, they actually brush against your cheeks. The faeries call these moments “Feeling Heaven’s Breath”.

Now that you are imagining being at Betwixt and Between, you will soon start to feel the fairies’ energy and hear the flutter of their tiny wings as they whizzz past you so they can get a better view. The faeries know how to connect with you no matter where you are but when you open up your imagination, it’s so much easier for them. So now just imagine that you are feeling the faeries’ energy! It might feel a little tingly or like you’re being tickled with a feather. But then again they might just sit quietly on your shoulder where you won’t feel a thing. No matter what, just know that they are really there. They love being with you and now that you are very relaxed, they want me to tell you a story. So you can open your eyes and take a deep breath but keep your imagination going. That’s the trick to understanding everything in a faerie’s world.

OK…now this is a true story that took place right there on Faerie Pass. First you need to know that Faerie Pass can be very exciting but also at times, very challenging, even treacherous. In the winter for example, when the roads and pathways are snowy and slippery, many humans are afraid to venture all the way to the top. Faeries, of course, don’t have that problem. They can fly to the top with ease whenever they want. How lucky for faeries!

At any other time of the year humans are known to drive miles and miles just to come and spend time in the mountains. There is something indefinable up there…you might say it is very mystical and magical up in the mountains but you will have to go and see for yourself. For those of you who are really good listeners, or very observant and most of all patient, the mountains have a lot to teach you, but it doesn’t feel like you’re learning. It just feels like your heart is getting a whole lot bigger. It makes you want to return again and again!

Now being that the top of Faerie Pass is such a special place for both humans and faeries alike, the mountain faeries have decided it is very important to make sure it stays beautiful and sacred. One particular faerie, in fact, took the lead on this. He felt so strongly about taking care of their mountain home, that he made it his business to know everything about it. Over time, he came to know every square inch of that pass and surrounding mountains…..he knew what wildflowers bloomed there, what variety of trees grew there. He met the tree nymphs that lived inside the trees, and had the most amazing conversations with them! He knew what mushrooms grew along the paths, and what bugs, and creepy crawlers, snakes, and spiders lived in the mountainous woods. He knew the names of all the birds that filled the woods with song, when it was time for them to build their nests and when their eggs were ready to hatch. He also knew all the animals large and small. Some of them skipped and scampered, climbed trees or dug holes. Some moved much more slowly as they lumbered from place to place around the mountain. He watched them all and they watched him. Together they lived in harmony and beauty. Don’t get me wrong, though. There were also many a time when he sensed something was amiss, and he would madly dash around searching til he discovered what it was. It might be a baby bird had fallen out of its nest and he would sprinkle faerie magic over it, lifting it gently back into its mother’s care. Or perhaps a brown bear had a tourist cornered on a hiking trail. He would distract the bear and give the tourists time to run for safety. There was always something to keep him busy!

In case you are curious, the name of this dedicated faerie is Quinn. The other faeries appreciated him so much, they started calling him Ranger Quinn and the name stuck. He even started to gather a following of other faeries who wanted to be rangers too. He was grateful, for as much as he loved the mountain, he had come to realize that he just couldn’t be everywhere all of the time. And so he started Quinn’s Faerie Pass Mountain School. Turning his house into the school’s main headquarters, he drew faerie students from far and wide. Some lived on the mountain and became his deputies. Quinn would assign them different sections of the mountain and every evening they would return to Faerie Pass Headquarters to give report! If there was danger, they would sound an alarm. Faeries have a secret alarm system that is kind of like a dog whistle…humans can’t hear it but every other creature of the forest can. When the ranger alarm goes off, all the ranger faeries gather to help.

Quinn’s school was making a difference and all the creatures of Fairie Pass were filled with gratitude. After awhile, word started to spread. Other faeries came from places farther away, which surprised Quinn. He had no idea how they had learned about his mountain school. So they had to teach him about faerie “grapevine”.

Faerie grapevine grows when one faerie tells another faerie something exciting. It sprouts right then and there. Then as that faerie tells another faerie who tells yet another faerie, the grapevine grows and grows carrying the message far and away, ending up in places beyond one’s imagination!

And thus through the magic of faerie grapevine, faeries from far and wide would wind up on Quinn’s doorstep. One lovely fall day, he heard a knock. Answering the door he found a sweet and eager young faerie looking up at him. She had a fierce look of determination on her face and introduced herself as Miranda Le Fei. She wanted to join his school! After inviting her in to learn more about her, he was surprised to discover that she came from a place that didn’t even have any mountains! Goodness, he couldn’t even imagine a place that didn’t have mountains! His curiosity was definitely peaked.

So with great fervor, Miranda explained that she was on a special mission. She had been assigned to be the faerie guide to a very curious and loving human who was determined to learn all the mystical secrets of nature. Miranda told Quinn that when she first accepted this mission, she thought this was going to be a huge challenge indeed, not having ever worked with humans before. But as time went on, she had become very fond of her human charge. She had nicknamed her charge, Sweetness, as this was the essence of her human’s spirit.

Miranda then told Quinn about the day that Sweetness first took notice of her! She had been working hard at whispering to her during her meditations and her dreamtimes. Then one day when Sweetness was sitting in her garden with a friend, they started talking about faeries. Miranda got excited and started flying all around the two of them with great delight. All of a sudden Sweetness felt a tingling around the crown of her head. It was Miranda’s energy! Then she heard the whispering of Miranda’s name! From that moment on, they were able to connect. Sweetness never could quite see Miranda but that didn’t matter. She could always hear her when she silenced her mind and so they started to set aside special moments when they could purposely connected. What was even more fascinating was that Sweetness’ grandchildren even started to sense Miranda’s presence too and they could see her! Everything was working out beautifully.

Now Miranda paused. She had to explain to Quinn why she wanted to be his student. Softly she continued. Sweetness wanted to find love and healing for herself and others so that she could teach by example how to be more aware of walking in peace and beauty upon the earth. She saw how people took nature for granted and didn’t appreciate the precarious balance that exists between them. Miranda had already helped Sweetness discover the beauty in her own backyard, working with her to create sacred gardens. She’d taught her to listen to the flowers, the trees, and the wind. But now she needed to go deeper. Through the faerie grapevine, Miranda had heard about Faerie Pass and Quinn’s school. She sprinkled images of snow covered mountains and far reaching valleys into Sweetness’ dreams. It worked. Sweetness developed a desire to go on a journey to see what the mountains had to teach her.

So here now was Miranda, looking up at Quinn with utter and total determination to learn everything he had to teach her so she could pass it on! She knew that Sweetness would be asking question after question, wanting to learn more and more and more. So Miranda needed to expand her own understanding of mountain wisdom and who better to teach her than Quinn! In return she promised to teach Quinn about her homeland…that place that had no mountains. She could teach him about the energy of the ocean, the dolphins, and especially about mermaids… she was pretty sure he didn’t know much about mermaids! She would barter everything she knew and loved about her home by the sea for everything he knew about mountain mysteries.

Quinn was touched. He’d never seen such a persevering faerie before and knew that this was going to be one very extraordinary student. He was excited to learn the magic of her world too he had to admit. With great delight he accepted her proposal.
Over the course of the next few years, Miranda and Quinn worked together sharing their knowledge, going deeper and deeper into the mysteries of nature. Finally it was time to see just how much Miranda had been able to pass along to Sweetness. A faerie alarm had just sounded providing the perfect opportunity. The faerie rangers gathered at Quinn’s headquarters to find out who had sounded the alarm.

Deputy Ranger Kiera stepped forward to speak. She had wandered upon a loan fawn. Looking around for the fawn’s parents, she realized tragedy had befallen them, leaving the little fawn to fend for itself. This was cause for great alarm as fawns especially need their mothers to help them through the winter. Little Fawn was on her own. Most certainly she would not make it unless someone was willing to help. Miranda took up the challenge. She would make sure that Sweetness saw Little Fawn and realized her peril.

The perfect opportunity arose that very evening as Sweetness went out, driving along the mountain pass. Miranda had gone ahead of her leading Little Fawn down the pass to the edge of the trees next to a bend in the road. She knew Sweetness was about to come around this bend and sure enough she did. As she grew closer, she slowed down to take the curve and in the corner of her eye, she saw Little Fawn. Stopping by the side of the road, she looked for other deer and when she saw none, she wondered if the little fawn was all alone. That evening she quizzed local villagers. They too had seen the lone little fawn and feared the worst. How could one little fawn ever make it through the winter alone?

Before falling asleep Sweetness said a mighty prayer. She called to the Four Directions, to the angels, and archangels, to the faeries of the mountain. With love in her heart for Little Fawn, she commanded them to surround Little Fawn with protection, to guide her to berries and patches of sweet grass. She commanded them to lead her away from endangering roads where cars sped recklessly down the pass. And then she encircled Little Fawn with brilliant white light and fell asleep.

Sweetness returned home a few days later. She wouldn’t be returning to the mountain until springtime now but frequently she thought about Little Fawn trying to make it in the cold winter snow. So she continued to pray for Little Fawn, envisioning her somehow growing stronger and stronger, staying safe. Time passed and she released her prayers into sacred time and space, absolutely trusting that the angels and faeries would do their very best.

Then spring finally returned to Faerie Pass. Quinn and the other deputy rangers had been busy all winter. Evenso, they missed Miranda. They’d sit around Quinn’s headquarters at night wondering what it was like to see dolphins and mermaids while the snow piled up higher and higher in their neck of the pass. They missed her stories. Now with the snow melting into beautiful clear springs that trickled down the sides of the mountains, they looked forward to seeing her return.

Miranda and Sweetness had missed Faerie Pass too. As soon as they heard the roads were safe and dry, they packed their bags and headed north. Well, actually only Sweetness had to pack bags. Miranda could change her clothes with just a wave of her wand. She didn’t need to carry any luggage. Faeries are so lucky that way.

At any rate, both Miranda and Sweetness had missed the mountains and their new friends. So with great anticipation and looking forward to their reunion they made the trip back to Faerie Pass. Their first stop was to rest at Betwixt and Between to catch a bit of Heaven’s Breath. Sweet clouds touched their cheeks and they both let out a soft sigh…..Ahhh. They were back …their home away from home. Reunited with friends of both the human and faerie kind, Miranda and Sweetness went back to studying more about the mountains and the mysteries that surrounded them.

Over the next few months, they came and went. Each trip brought new growth, new wisdom, and much joy. Quinn taught Miranda about the energy of the full moon as it rose high in the sky over the mountaintops. Miranda taught Quinn about the full moon shining on the oceans’ waves. Together they all continued to grow. Most of all they learned how to bring peace into their hearts through the blessings of nature. Filling themselves with waves of love, they would send rays of pink light deep down into Mother Earth filled with gratitude. Looking skyward they would again send pink light out in thanksgiving for all the stars, the planets, and each new sunrise and sunset. Each of these moments filled them with absolute wonder and appreciation. Coming to the mountains was the best decision Miranda and Sweetness had ever made.

And so the year flew by once again. Soon it would be difficult to make these trips back to the mountains. Determined to have one last week-end before the snow flurries would begin, Miranda and Sweetness headed out. Miranda had picked up several seashells to give to Quinn as a thank you for all she’d learned this year. Everyone had commented on just how much both she and her human charge had grown. It was a fact. And of course Quinn and his deputies had all grown too. They’d all had fun sitting around together sharing around Quinn’s table. Next year they decided it was time for a field trip. They all wanted to go and see that place that had no mountains.

So here on their last week-end Miranda and Sweetness walked along Faerie Pass taking in the fresh mountain air and cool breezes. Then a sound stirred causing them both to look to their right. There standing outside a stone circle was a beautiful lone deer. Sweetness had seen this same deer a few weeks before and it had just stood there as it was now, staring at her, pawing at the ground. It didn’t seem to be afraid of them and didn’t run away. As they stood still, taking in the moment, Sweetness wondered…was this deer trying to tell her something? What was it? The two kept staring at one another. Miranda le Fei knew what was going on, but she stayed quiet, waiting. Finally, Sweetness gasped! It was Little Fawn! She had made it through last winter and all through the year. Oh! She was so big now, beautiful and strong!

Little Fawn looked at Sweetness. She had felt the protection of her prayers and the wings of angels and faeries as she walked through the mountain paths. Though she had been alone, she had felt surrounded by loving energy. Because of Sweetness’ commands, she had never felt lonely. So now, she wanted to let Sweetness know that, yes, she was alive and so very grateful. Nodding her head, she gave her one last look before running off into the woods.

Tears filled Sweetness’ eyes. Little Fawn had made it! Quietly she said a prayer of thanks to all the faeries and the angels who had heard her plea. She gave thanks to the Four Directions and to Mother Earth for feeding Little Fawn and giving her shelter. Now a new prayer formed in her heart. Next year, may she return to find Little Fawn with a mate and then perhaps she would have little fawns of her own to show her. Miranda smiled. Quinn had told her that Little Fawn had made it but they had kept it a secret so that she could surprise Sweetness.

And this was the biggest lesson they could ever have learned. Once you know how to walk gently upon the earth, you realize you are never alone. The earth and all its creatures are meant to embrace one another in love and with great gratitude. This is the secret to all of life living together in sweet harmony. And so dear ones, may the lessons Miranda and Sweetness learned on the mountain fill your hearts too. You just might be called to answer a faerie alarm yourself! You’ll know it if you are. If so, what will you do?
Copyright 2013

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